Plan to attend the Girls' home games on Thu. against San Marino starting at 3:30


Sun. 2/1
no practice

Mon. 2/2
HS Girls- 6th period until 5 pm
HS Boys- 6:25-7:30 am & 4-6 pm
AG- 4-6 pm

Tue. 2/3
HS Girls- release at 1:45, bus leaves for South Pasadena HS at 2, Varsity at 3:30, JV at 4:45, return to LCHS at 6:30
HS Boys- 7:25-8:25 am, no afternoon practice
AG- no practice

Wed. 2/4
HS Girls- 6th period until 4 pm
HS Boys- 6:25-7:30 am & 4-6 pm
AG- 4-6 pm

Thu. 2/5
HS Girls- home games v. San Marino, Varsity at 3:30, JV at 4:45
HS Boys- 6:25-7:30 am & 4-6 pm (dryland)
AG- 4-6 pm (dryland)

Fri. 2/6
HS Girls- 6th period only
HS Boys- 6:25-7:30 am, no afternoon practice
AG- no practice

Sat.-Sun. 2/7-8
no practice


The Club's winter quarter started Dec. 1. The cost for HS Girls is $0, and for HS Boys and Age Group is $450. You also need to renew your USA Water Polo membership for 2015 ($73 for Silver level). To register go to the Registration page.


Registrations as of 1/8:

AG: Applebaum, Avakian, Avaniss-Aghajani, Barber, Cho, Choi G., Choi R. Cisneros, Fitzgerald, Gamboa, Grey, Harp, Harrison, Hutchins, Komjathy, Lee B., Liu, Louk, Markarian E., Markarian S., Melillo, Metivier, Peters, Standley, Thompsky, Tierney

HS Boys: Beck, Buck, Stolmack

HS Girls:


For the Snack Shack, parents are asked to contribute one case each, per player, of 20 oz. Gatorade & 16 oz. water, and to volunteer to make food donations, or work behind the counter during games. Sign up for food donations and work hours by clicking here.


HS Girls:
Mon.-Fri. 6:25-7:30 am Varsity only (7:25-8:25 on late-start Tuesdays)

Mon.-Thu. 6th period PE until 5 pm

Fri. 6th period PE only
HS Boys: Mon.-Fri. 6:25-7:30 am (7:25-8:25 on late-start Tuesdays)

Mon.-Thu. 4-6 pm
Age Group: Mon.-Thu. 4-6 pm


For Club games, players wear 1) a Club swimsuit imprinted with "LCWP," and 2) a white team polo shirt personalized with the player's last name. The white shirt is the same one used for LCHS away games.

When playing for LCHS, players must wear the LCHS uniform, consisting of 1) a LCHS swimsuit imprinted with "LC," 2) two team polo shirts personalized with the player's last name, one red and one white, to be worn according to coach's instruction, and 3) team shorts. CIF rules prohibit wearing a club suit in a high school game.

Team suits, shirts and shorts should be ordered at least a month before the first game. We also have chairs and other optional items. See the "Apparel and Merchandise" page of this website.

Boys HS Suit                      Boys CLUB Suit                 Girls SUIT- all seasons

LCWP Foundation President
Derek Borisoff

Boys Head Coach
Christian Flores

Girls Head Coach
Davey Brown

Assistant Coach
Kevin Matthews

HS Boys Coordinator
Shelley Buck

HS Girls Coordinators
Beth Shenfeld (Connolly)
Dina Mora

Age Group Coordinator
Yuen Fang

Joanie Raney
830 Green Lane, LCF 91011

Apparel Orders
Sarah Lowe

Snack Shack
Lori Moody (Haxton)

Website Manager
David Haxton

William Lee

All LCWP players must be members of USA Water Polo (see link on Registration page.

Orders for apparel & merchandise go to Sarah Lowe, and payments go to treasurer Joanie Raney, checks payable to "La Canada High School LCWP." Orders are processed only after checks have been received.

To receive a weekly email containing tips for parents of young athletes, click here.

Embroidered items may be picked up at:

3430 Ocean View Blvd., #G
Montrose 91208
(818) 248-3435
Contact: Hilda

Financial Aid

Any family whose child is unable to play due to club tuition costs may apply directly to me for a need-based scholarship.

Derek Borisoff
President, LCWPF

March 1, 2013

To all LCWP players:

You are loved.
You are valued.
You are respected.
Do not ever take an action that would harm yourself or your family.
You always have coaches and friends to talk to.

~ Coach B